Our Methodology


The defining aspect of our school is the use of teaching and behavioural intervention methodologies based on Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA). Teaching is provided in structured one-to-one and small-group sessions throughout each school day. The School uses  Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), a research-based approach, to improve the communication, social and behavioural skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The ABA method is scientifically proven to help children to achieve their fullest potential. For maximum impact, the ABA method should be started as early as possible, and the child should attend school regularly.


Autism Spectrum Disorders are complex neurological disorders that typically appear during the first three years of life. Autism affects the development of the child in three broad areas: communication skills, social skills, and repetitive or rigid behaviours. Children typically show repetitive behaviours, difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, limited play activities, and impaired social interaction.

Tutor and Parent Training


Dr. James Ellis (BCBA) trains tutors in applied behavioural analysis (ABA). Dr. Kerry Davis, a certified speech-language pathologist trains tutors in language development and communication. Dr. Ellis and Dr. Davis collaborate to develop cohesive individualized programmes that address four main areas:




Academic (math, reading and writing)

Tutors receive regular consultation through weekly video conferences. Student activities are video recorded, which helps monitor progress, and make changes as needed. Dr. Ellis and Dr. Davis visit the school at least 3 times per year to conduct onsite evaluations, train tutors, and meet with families.

Parent Training Workshops

Parents learn about behaviour, communication and independence. They have the opportunity to ask questions and practice using strategies to help  support their child at home.