Our Future


Our School and Foundation were officially registered under The Friendly Societies Act in August 2011, and the School opened its doors on September 5 of that year. Before that, we started as a home-based Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programme for three years under the consultation and supervision of Dr. James Ellis, a registered behavioural analyst and clinical psychologist, and supported just a few children. Since then, we have set up a small school that can support a maximum of eighteen children, seven tutors, an administrator and support staff. We have already reached that limit.

Now we are growing faster than ever before and to meet the demand, our school needs to grow too.


Plans for the building of a new school have been laid out by our architect, Kenrick Thomas. The final building will include room for fifty children and sixteen staff, with additional space for classrooms, workshops, outdoor recreation (including a garden) and a vocational training area. The plan will allow us to help more children, with additional opportunities to develop vocational skills, participate in group work, and provide training for families, teachers, and medical providers. Our school will serve as a model program for the entire Caribbean region.

The total cost to build the school is G$97,446,000 (US$ 447,000). The building has three wings, and we can build it one wing at a time.  Each wing will cost G$32,482,000 (US$149,000).  Through your continued generosity, we can make this school a possibility.


Click a link below for detailed information about our school plans: