Tutor and Parent Training


Dr. James Ellis (BCBA) trains tutors in applied behavioural analysis (ABA). Dr. Kerry Davis, a certified speech-language pathologist trains tutors in language development and communication. Dr. Ellis and Dr. Davis collaborate to develop cohesive individualized programmes that address four main areas: behaviour, communication, independence, and academic (math, reading, and writing). Tutors receive regular consultation through weekly Skype sessions. Student activities are video recorded and shared through Dropbox, which helps monitor progress, and make changes as needed. Dr. Ellis and Dr. Davis visit the school at least 3 times per year to conduct onsite evaluations, train tutors, and meet with families. To date, workshops and trainings include:


  • Using picture supports to help language and behaviour
  • Data collection and reporting
  • How to help children with autism develop independence in daily activities
  • Making and using pictures for communication
  • Learning how to use the Boardmaker software program to make picture supports
  • iPad basics & educational apps for language
  • Functional sign language
  • Modeling language through play during incidental learning times
  • Pre-literacy activities: How to modify, create, and present books to enhance language
  • Facilitating social interactions during small group times: using games and materials to foster interaction and language
  • An overview of typical language and social skill development, grades K-1
  • Using sensory-based activities to support behaviour and communication


In February, 2014, Step by Step School proudly offered our first formal parent training workshops. Over the course of two afternoons, parents learned about behaviour, communication and independence. Parents had the opportunity to ask questions and practice using strategies to help their child at home.  More workshops were held during 2014 – 2016.