Building Launch

Plans for the building of our school have been laid out. The final building will include room for 50 children, with additional space for classrooms, workshops, outdoor recreation (including a garden) and a vocational training area.

School layout:

The complete blueprints for the school are here:






Our architect, Kenrick Thomas, explaining the new school’s site plan to the First Lady and the Minister of Education.


There are 3 proposed funding models:

1) Concrete foundation

2) Fund a wing of the school

3) Donate a classroom or other work and play spaces

Costs and overview of the plan:


Description of the school programme:


US donors may donate to the school via Step by Step Behavioural Solutions,  a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, EIN: 46-3843618

First Lady at building launch

First Lady at building launch